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Today’s Channel Partner Profile takes a look at how to sell on Houzz, the leading online marketplace for home remodeling, furniture and decor.

(Houzz logo) Sell home products online with Houzz

In fact, though, Houzz is more than just a marketplace. It’s an Ideabook, a Design Center, and a Social Media gathering place for designers and homeowners. A place where buyers and sellers can come together and find the products and services that will realize their vision for that perfect home environment.




A ready market of active buyers for home products and services

One of the most compelling reasons to consider listing your home products on Houzz is its community of more than 25 million active buyers. A whopping 90 percent of people browsing on Houzz are homeowners who are getting ready to start remodeling or redecorating projects. In B2B terms, this puts your products deep within a pool of “warm leads” who are ready to buy. 

Houzz is also a membership site for buyers. Accounts are easy and free to create, and there are currently over 40 million Houzz members worldwide.


Marketplace Storefronts offer more opportunities to showcase your wares.

Unlike better-known marketplaces that display only product listings or select categories of products from your e-commerce platform, Houzz offers sellers their own storefronts on the site. These act like a profile page, enabling you to show off both your brand and your entire catalog. Storefronts come with their own filtering options that allow users to view products by category, see the best sellers or recently added products, and read reviews.



Customer-friendly features reward sellers with greater buyer loyalty.

Houzz offers a convenient feature that lets you mark product specifications and other detailed information in your listings, so you can let customers know exactly what to expect when they make a purchase.  You can let them know how long it takes to ship a product, whether or not assembly will be required, and whether special freight charges will apply. Setting these expectations upfront helps reduce cart abandonment and increases overall customer satisfaction.




Showcase your custom Ideabooks and Projects

Foster greater engagement with potential buyers by posting Ideabooks and completed projects. You can save photos, professionals’ contact information, discussions, and project stories.  You can also add notes and comments – because people love to know how that look was achieved.

Customer reviews help you offer consumers proof of value.

The customer review section offers further reassurance to buyers considering a purchase. And if you’re able to maintain a five-star rating, you’ll be rewarded with top search rankings when buyers search for a product type on Houzz.

Other benefits of Houzz

Houzz is one of the best platforms for customers who want a personalized experience when shopping for home and garden products. You can communicate directly with homeowners through Houzz, and they can also ask you questions. Relative to other selling platforms, Houzz enjoys a high level of user engagement and conversions.

Another plus: Ideabooks and projects tend to have high rankings on general organic searches, which will lead many search engine users over to your Houzz storefront.





Key Numbers for Houzz:

  • Membership: 40M
  • Active buyers: 25M
  • Products listed: 10M
  • Product categories: 900


There are certain seller conditions you must meet:

  • You cannot charge more for the same item on Houzz if you also sell it elsewhere.
  • Inventory must be updated a minimum of once per hour, and you’ll violate their terms if you list or sell an out-of-stock or discontinued item.
  • Your cost of shipping cannot exceed industry-standard rates.
  • You must be accurate about lead times, to the best of your ability.

Go here to see the Houzz Guidelines for sellers, including how to set up your account.




How to integrate an optimized Houzz feed with your own storefront, and more.

Shoppingfeed enables you to seamlessly connect product and order information between Houzz, your own store, and any other channels where you’ve chosen to sell.

Connect your Houzz account through Shoppingfeed instead of listing there directly, and you’ll enjoy some enhanced benefits:

  • Products will be fully search-optimized. There are more than 1.7 million fluid tagging attributes in our Home and Garden library.
  • You can sync tracking information for shipped products.
  • Automatic inventory updates as sales occur.
  • Your entire product catalog automatically updates.


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