The Best Way to Make Your Shopify Store Become a Google Shop


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If you’re running your e-commerce business on Shopify and want to sell through multiple channels, the Shopify App Store gives you hundreds of choices. Choose carefully, and your store can become a fully optimized Google Shop with a minimum of manual setup.



Creating a Google Shop from your Shopify store feed


One of the channels available to Shopify users effectively turns your store into a Google shop, via Google Shopping Actions. As we’ve written before, Google Shopping Actions is a way for shoppers searching on Google to interface directly with your product listing and make a purchase instantly, in a seamless checkout process hosted by Google.

There’s a direct extension from the Shopify App Store for Google Shopping Actions, but it is set up to emphasize the older Google Ads portal (now called Google Smart Shopping campaigns), which can be confusing.

As opposed to Smart Shopping paid ads linking to your Shopify store, Google Shopping Actions lets you list products in the Google Shop for free. They will appear in organic search results under the Shopping tab.



But, getting set up can be cumbersome.


But here’s the catch: to become a Google shop, you’re going to have to create your own product feed to sync directly with Google Shopping Actions. Like every other marketplace, Google has its own unique set of product attributes, order of ASIN matching, etc. So you can’t just export the same feed you’re using in your Shopify store–you have to create an all-new one for a Google shop, and also learn how to stay compliant with its many merchant rules and policies.



The smarter, faster way to become a Google Shop


There is a way to avoid this problem. Look further in the Shopify App Store and you’ll find a selection of inventory management software apps. These automatically syndicate your feed to sync with a Google Shop, Amazon, Etsy and all the other popular marketplaces.

Shoppingfeed’s app is one of the most popular extensions on Shopify in this category, for a few reasons.

Shoppingfeed is an original Google Shopping Partner, and can handle the entire product listing setup to get your feed connected to Google.

Our software is API-neutral, and therefore compatible with every other app in your store’s tech stack.



Ours is the only inventory management software that enriches your product listings with optimized keyword attributes to give you immediate, maximized visibility in the Google Shop ecosystem.

We have developed a unique Product Graph system for mapping product attributes in a more thorough, intuitive method than the standard query terms used by other product feeds. This also renders a big advantage for surfacing your products in a voice search through the Google Assistant.

Other advantages of using Shoppingfeed to create your Google Shop are the ways in which we give you automated controls and rules to ensure accuracy in all your orders. For example:

• By default, we only send in-stock products to any channel. If you prefer to to push out-of-stock products to the Google Merchant Center, you can switch off that option.

• Shopping Feed gives you the power to control which new products you wish to publish. By default, newly added products are not added automatically. Un-check that option, and it will automatically turn on any new products created in the storefront within the last 24 hours.

• There is a Duplicate button that allows you to feature the same product selections as for any other channel you’re currently using.

Finally, we’re more than just an app. Shoppingfeed is the only feed syndication service that’s actually a SaaS (Software as a Service) company. This means that you get outstanding customer support at every step of the way.

Get in on Google Shopping Actions!

Julie Stewart

My mission at Shoppingfeed is explaining how to leverage e-commerce platforms and SaaS technology to e-merchants who just want to run their business and make more money.

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