The 5 Best Amazon Repricing Software Tools

Julie Stewart • January 30, 2020


In the battle for the Buy Box, whoever has the lowest price will win. But many can’t do it without some help. Most of the highest-grossing Amazon sellers are looking for the best Amazon repricing software to gain an advantage over their competition.

Repricing software saves significant time over manual monitoring and pricing, and gives you a huge edge in winning the Buy Box. If you’re serious about selling on Amazon, you need to consider repricing software.




What is Amazon Repricing Software?


Amazon repricing software tools are a way to automatically adjust the price of your products based on a number of rules or parameters you set. They help keep your prices optimized and competitive with the market without having to make constant manual adjustments.

Once you set up your Amazon repricing software and populate it with your listings, these repricing tools analyze the competition in real-time for those items and will reprice your products accordingly. You can set a number of different strategies and rules for the software to follow, and you can also enter a minimum price to ensure your products are never priced too low.

With more than 60 different repricing software products to choose from on the market today, each with a different mix of features and prices that can range from $10 to $500 a month*, choosing the right software can be a challenge. For Amazon sellers in particular, we’ve done a lot of that homework for you.

(*We’ve stuck to the more affordable end of the price range for this article.) Prices quoted are for the lowest-tier service plans. Premium plans are based on both quantity of users and, mainly, the repricing time intervals. The highest-level plans refresh prices every 3 minutes or less, while the lowest tier plans usually have a 15-minute refresh rate.




Here is our list of what we found to be the best Amazon repricing software.



1. BQool

Bqool, one of the best amazon repricing software tools

BQool’s Amazon Repricing Central is a lightning-fast repricer with tons of features at an affordable price.

Features include Channel Analysis, Competing Product Analysis, Forecasting, Market Analysis, Multi-Store Management, Price List Management, Price Optimization Automation, Pricing Analytics, Profitability Analysis, and Scenario Planning.



The repricing is amazingly fast and the dashboard gives you a great overview of what’s working and what’s not. From the dashboard view you always know how many products have sold in the last week, month or year, what are your best sellers, and your Buy Box percentage. Few repricing tools have so many robust features at this price level.



Figuring out the repricing rules can be challenging. And, it’s available in a limited number of countries (US, UK, Canada, France, German, Spain, Italy, Mexico, and Japan). There’s also a shorter trial period compared to others.



Tiered monthly pricing plans start at $25.00. They offer a 2-week free trial.




2. Seller Republic

Seller Republic, one of the best Amazon repricing software tools

Seller Republic is another price optimization solution that can be used on Amazon, Ebay and more. It gets high marks on Capterra for as-expected performance, and especially for ease of use.

Features include Channel Analysis, Competing Product Analysis, Forecasting, Market Analysis, Multi-Store Management, Price List Management, Price Optimization Automation, and Pricing Analytics.



Relative to others, Seller Republic is an inexpensive option that also offers fast setup to get going. Users report that the tool saves them 1 to 3 hours a day over manual repricing,

Based in the UK, Seller Central is a good choice if you sell on many international marketplaces.



It can take a while to get all the settings right, a must if you want the best competitive advantage. Overall, though, we’ve heard very few complaints about Seller Republic.



Tiered pricing starts at $48.95 per month. There is a 30-day free trial.





Informed, one of the best Amazon repricing software tools

When using, you can define your competitors and then create a variety of rules and parameters to either match or beat their price. Informed is extremely easy to use, and mostly automated. This means sellers can adjust their settings and then let the software do the rest of the work for them.



You can set your desired profit margin to limit losses, and there’s a setting to incrementally raise prices to increase profits. It’s easy to integrate with other eCommerce tools, set time-sensitive sales objectives, and see a variety of ways to analyze your competition.



It’s on the expensive side, and it has a shorter, 14-day trial period.



Tiered plans starting at $59 per month.




4. RepriceIt

RepriceIt, one of 5 best Amazon Repricing Software tools

The tool offers a fully configurable repricing solution, with a number of rules and strategies you can implement to make sure your prices are always optimized. Flexible scheduling options also let you reprice your items more frequently during busier times of the year, and their buy box pricing options help you win the buy box more frequently.

Repriceit is an affordable option relative to its competitors.



It lets you experiment with a variety of different strategies and set minimum prices and profit margins. It’s capable of repricing up to 30,000 items an hour. You can also exclude certain items from repricing.



At this price point, it’s a little less robust than some of the other tools, with more limited access to data and analytics. But if you’re on a tight budget and just want the basics, RepriceIt is a good choice.



Tiered plans starting at $9.95 per month, and there’s a 30-day free trial.




5. Repricer

The Repricer tool also provides insights not just on your own products but also your competitors’ products and listings. Finally, it maximizes your profit margins by pricing upwards when the competitive environment allows, so you sell at the best price possible.

It comes with a number of advanced features that include Multi-Store Management, Price Optimization Automation, Pricing Analytics, and Profitability Analysis.



You can set minimum and maximum prices, with advanced filters for dashboard data. You also get unlimited users for your account, in-depth sales reports, plus customized charts.



Of all the Amazon repricing software tools reviewed, it’s the most expensive and comes with a shorter trial period of 14 days.



Tiered plans starting at $69 per month.




Shoppingfeed’s repricing alternative for Enterprise clients


If you are an Enterprise client using Shoppingfeed, you won’t necessarily need an additional repricing tool cluttering up your tech stack. Enterprise clients are automatically provided with our internal repricing tool that matches ASINs to the best price for the Buy box. It automatically refreshes at six times per day, and lets you set your own thresholds for maximum and minimum price.




One final note

Most Amazon repricing tools offer a free trial, so take advantage and try a few different ones before making a decision. You can read all the reviews and information you want, but sometimes the only way to know for sure if a tool is right for you is to try it yourself.

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