How to Connect a Shopify Store to Amazon


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So, you’ve got a Shopify storefront–but PPC advertising will only get you so far when it comes to promoting brand awareness and attracting more shoppers. This is why Shopify store owners frequently turn to major marketplaces for listing their products. And usually that means Amazon.

Here, we’ll show you how to connect a Shopify store to Amazon in a way that will optimize your product listings and help them stand out from all the competition on that platform.



Hundreds of apps to choose from.


Browse through the Shopify App Store, and you’ll find literally hundreds of choices under the categories “Places to Sell,” “Marketing,” and “Inventory Management.” To find a way to connect to outside channels like Amazon, you’ll have to sift through all the titles, check pricing and read reviews of those apps which offer an API to connect your store’s inventory – and its associated data – to Amazon.

In fact, Shopify offers its own (free) extension for the Amazon Channel. A lot of e-commerce merchants start with that one, and learn the hard way that it’s not as easy as it appears.

Almost all of these apps share the same limitation: they sync inventory and pricing, but you’re entering all the rest manually on Amazon: new product descriptions, bullet points, etc. All of those ways that you need to optimize your product listings to make sure they surface in an Amazon search are on you to create.




A fully optimized and automated feed syndication solves this problem.


A way to fulfill any channel orders using Shopify

Among all those apps in the Shopify store, there is one that doesn’t just do all the basics of syncing inventory, pricing and orders. Shoppingfeed’s app includes some powerful and unique tools that others don’t offer.

Shopping Feed is a SaaS company that will sync your product inventory on Amazon, and on over 1000 channels in 40 countries around the world.

You can manage all of your channel orders, including those from Amazon, from your Shopify order pane for quick and easy fulfillment. Orders placed on Amazon import into your Shopify orders. Once you have fulfilled the order from Shopify, Shopping Feed automatically alerts Amazon, which sends tracking and fulfillment information to your buyer.

But that’s only the start. It’s the sophisticated data management and optimization tools that make Shoppingfeed stand out from other inventory management apps.

It’s not just a simple feed — it’s a powerful and fully automated way to optimize your product listings on Amazon.

And as a SaaS (Software as a Service) company, when you use the Shoppingfeed app to connect a Shopify store to Amazon, it also comes with a dedicated customer support team second to none.


Rules that rule

Shoppingfeed’s robust toolkit includes Business Rules. Specifically, you can use If/Then statements to make strategic changes to your product listings on Amazon and other channels. It allows you to fill any possible gaps in your product data and you can manipulate your listing specifically for Amazon (as well as every other channel).

This lets you serve a diverse set of listing data, while using the same data found in your Shopify store. These Rules will automatically remove filtered products from your data feeds, protecting you from overselling and insufficient profit margins.


Leveraging our new ProductGraph technology

Every marketplace channel allows for extra product data, used by power sellers so that their products make it past buyer filters and searches. Amazon is no exception. With other apps, you have to do all this back end work manually.

Our exclusively developed ProductGraph technology makes assigning this extra product data a simple, fully automated operation. It uses fluid product tagging to assign richly detailed data to every product, making it visible in more searches. It’s especially useful for the unique query styles used in voice-assisted shopping searches.



Specific features for Amazon feeds

As a Shoppingfeed user, you get all of these Amazon-specific features:

Repricing tool with frequent daily updates

ASIN Matching & Selection

Create Platinum Keywords

Applies to all categories & browse nodes

Both FBA and FBM Support

Merchant-fulfilled Prime




Get more information and compare.


Shoppingfeed’s SaaS feed service can be found in the Shopify App Store. You’ll find complete information on all the features available, along with reviews from current users. Plans begin at $50 per month for up to two channels.

Shoppingfeed is a single platform to list, sync, and manage your products, inventory, and orders. We connect e-merchants with the world’s largest marketplaces, ad spaces, affiliate channels, and shopping engines.

Discover 6 Secrets to Amazon Success.

Julie Stewart

My mission at Shoppingfeed is explaining how to leverage e-commerce platforms and SaaS technology to e-merchants who just want to run their business and make more money.

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