BigCommerce Integration With Walmart: A Doorway to Millions of Shoppers

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Big Commerce, one of our technology partners, has made a big announcement. A new BigCommerce integration with Walmart is now available to all qualified US merchants. This new direct channel opportunity with one of the world’s largest retailers will enable BigCommerce users to access millions of new customers while managing all of their transactions in BigCommerce.


Get expanded reach in a BigCommerce integration with Walmart.

When you connect your BigCommerce catalog, you share your products with 120 million unique monthly visitors on Starting with its acquisition of in 2019, Walmart’s online Marketplace has become a powerhouse challenging Amazon to be the #1 e-commerce site.  To give you an idea of how aggressively they’re moving: in its most recent quarter, while Walmart sales as a whole grew by 7.3%, sales jumped 69% during this quarter of the Pandemic.


Enjoy the benefits of Walmart’s industry reputation.

Just like for its physical stores, Walmart Marketplace is selective about the merchants it chooses to work with. Once approved, you’ll become part of a curated community of respected sellers. BigCommerce says that it is expediting applications from its users to enter the Walmart channel so that they can get the jump on selling into the world’s 2nd largest marketplace.



Centralized order management

BigCommerce automatically keeps your products synced with so you can easily track products, orders, inventory, and fulfillment from one central dashboard.

— BigCommerce also announced it’s upgraded its product for international markets by adding support for German, Dutch, Portuguese, and Swedish to the merchant admin panel. And they’ve added a native integration to its new global payments partner,


Free trial to encourage more merchant signups

Walmart is offering its channel access free of commissions for thirty days to new merchants signing up through BigCommerce. It’s a sweet deal for merchants and for Walmart, which



How to manage your BigCommerce integration with Walmart

In order to sell on Walmart, merchants need to Connect from within Channel Manager. There you’ll find an application to complete for becoming a Walmart partner.

Once approved, merchants select an integrator app from the BigCommerce Marketplace for using to upload and sync the product feed. You’ll continue to manage your store’s sales from your BigCommerce dashboard through a seamless API connection collecting your data from BigCommerce and feeding out to, retaining your master source of truth on each product listed in the same place where you’ve always kept it.

Every channel has its own unique configuration and tagging system, and Walmart is no exception. As a longtime technology partner of both Walmart and BigCommerce, Shoppingfeed’s team expertise in setting up new channel integrations ensures you’ll get a quick, seamless and error-free product list from your BigCommerce feed for selling on the Walmart Marketplace.

Call us at (845) 580-4802 for a review and advice on your product listing requirements, and for a look at how Shoppingfeed works.

See how easy it is to connect to multiple channels through one app.

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My mission at Shoppingfeed is explaining how to leverage e-commerce platforms and SaaS technology to e-merchants who just want to run their business and make more money.

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