The Best E-Commerce Channels for Luxury Brands

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If you sell luxury items like clothing, shoes or accessories, home furnishings or anything with a Designer label, here are the best e-commerce channels for luxury brands.




Reebonz sells pre-owned luxury accessories like bags, watches, and jewelry as well as clothes and shoes. They mainly offer high-end brands like Gucci, Balenciaga, Rolex and Goyard. While there are a few menswear items offered at Reebonz, the vast majority of selections are for women.

Reebonz logo/ one of the best channels for selling luxury brands

Reebonz maintains marketplace sites both in the United States and in Hong Kong. This enables them to reach two important luxury buyers’ markets, with easy access to shipping and other concierge service opportunities.

You don’t ship products directly to buyers. All items must first be authenticated by their Atelier Experts before being accepted for resale. See more information about Reebonz in our Channel Partner Profile.

PRODUCT CATEGORIES: Bags, watches, jewelry, clothing & shoes, mostly for women

Information for sellers on Reebonz




The RealReal sells pre-owned luxury goods from individual sellers, and it also has a B2B program for brands and other e-commerce merchants looking to offload broken size runs, samples or very slightly damaged merchandise. There’s an extensive line of Designer items, which have their own search category. It also features clothing and accessories for men, as well as items for kids and for the home, including furniture.

The company claims it has 15 million shoppers, though that couldn’t be verified.

The RealReal logo/ one of the best channels for selling luxury brands

As a used item marketplace, TheRealReal is sensitive to buyer and seller preferences for quiet discretion when it comes to luxury shopping. Everyone has a reputation to maintain: many want the status of the label without having to confess it was sold or purchased on a resale site. For luxury brands with retail stores, it adds a layer of anonymity by not disclosing business sellers to the public.

PRODUCT CATEGORIES: Clothing, bags, shoes, jewelry for both men and women; kids’ items; home furnishings and decor

Information for business sellers on The RealReal




Chairish is a resale marketplace focused on luxury-quality items for the home including furnishings, lighting and decor. There’s an in-house staff of designers who curate selections, and work with buyers (or their interior designers) to assemble looks for entire rooms from their assortment of items currently for sale.

Chairish logo/ one of the best channels for selling luxury brands

Individual consignors can sell on Chairish, but its selections mainly come from a wide variety of B2B partners. It also has a program that lets e-merchants create a “store within a store” on Chairish, with their own branding and sales policies and a dedicated section on the site.

PRODUCT CATEGORIES: Home furnishings, window treatments, wall art, decor, lighting, rugs, and outdoor living.

Information for Chairish Sellers




LePrix is another destination for bargain-hungry fashionistas looking to score womens’ designers shoes, accessories and clothing. The company promises to bring its buyers “the thrill of the hunt, and the joy of the prize.” It offers a buyers’ service where they promise to track down individual items a buyer may be searching for.

LePrix logo/ / one of the best channels for selling luxury brands

One feature that sets LePrix apart from similar sites is its partnership program with about 600 individual boutiques that have their own retail locations around the world. After they go through a vetting process for authenticity assurance, each boutique gets its own storefront on LePrix, for selling items directly from their stores.

PRODUCT CATEGORIES: Jewelry, Designer clothing and accessories, Menswear, Womens clothing

Information for Boutique Sellers on LePrix




As the name implies, Rebag is all about selling handbags. Because it specializes in just this one product category, this marketplace site has managed to aggregate the largest selection of handbags of any of the luxury sites reviewed here.

It also understands consumers and goes to great lengths to get them engaged. There’s an “Infiinity Exchange” program that a buyer can join, where they use a bag for a period of time and then exchange for a new one, to rotate their wardrobes because–who wants to carry the same bag for months?

Rebag logo / one of the best channels for selling luxury brands

Besides Infiinity Exchange, Rebag has an online “magazine” with crowdsourced photos of users carrying their bags, and telling personal stories to go with them. It’s an impressive consumer engagement program, and it’s undoubtedly contributing to their success as they leverage the assets through social media.

PRODUCT CATEGORIES: Designer handbags. That’s it.

Information for Rebag Sellers




StockX is an auction site selling luxury watch brands like Rolex, Omega and Apple Watches, Handbags from Ateliers such as Dior, Gucci and Louis Vitton, Collectible Sneakers of all kinds, and Streetwear brands like Palace, Supreme, and Kith.

StockX operates on a “live” auction basis, similar to stock exchanges. Once a bid matches the Ask Price, the sale automatically closes. It calls itself the “stock market for things.”

StockX logo/ one of the best channels for selling luxury brands

You can list as many products as you like, setting an Ask price. If yours is the lowest Ask, buyers who bid that amount then automatically buy from you. If another seller lists a lower Ask, they’ll get the sale. But because these are limited-availability collectibles, your Ask is still active and could be accepted if it ends up being the lowest at that point.

If you don’t want to wait, you can opt to hit the “Sell Now” buton on your product listing, which will award the item immediately to the highest bidder. Sellers receive their payouts once an item is shipped to StockX and passes verification for authenticity and condition.

PRODUCT CATEGORIES: Streetwear, Sneakers, Watches, Handbags & random designer-branded products

Information for StockX Sellers



E-commerce channels for luxury brands sometimes come in smaller sizes.

These are what we consider to be some of the world’s best e-commerce channels for luxury brands, but there are other, smaller niche channels catering to specific audiences and product types. You can use shopping comparison engines like these to help identify new e-commerce channel opportunities.

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