5 Strategies to Sell on Wayfair as a Merchant

• December 1, 2022


If you’re an e-commerce owner considering selling on Wayfair, you can reach more customers while increasing revenue.


Wayfair is a marketplace connecting over 30 million customers with the best home decor, furniture and home improvement products. It allows individuals to purchase items directly from thousands of suppliers.


Moreover, Wayfair provides excellent tools — allowing merchants to market their business online.


Here are the best strategies you can use to sell on Wayfair as a merchant.

1. Focus on Inventory With Best Sellers

Focusing on inventory with best sellers is a way to boost your margins, conversion rates and reviews. Consider researching which categories perform the best and which do not. If a category doesn’t bring in sales, it may be time to switch up the products you sell from there.


Some of the most popular categories include:


  • Furniture


  • Outdoor


  • bedding and bath


  • Rugs


  • Pillows and Decor


  • Organization


  • Lighting


  • Kitchen and more.


Once you consider which of your inventory are your best sellers, ensure you use the 80-20 rule to keep items in stock and guarantee more sales.

2. Use Other E-Commerce Platforms for Research on New Inventory to Add

Consumers are always changing their preferences and looking for the latest home decor and gardening styles. Therefore, continuing your research is important to find the latest trends. Consider using platforms like Amazon. This can be a great tool to better understand what customers want in products.


By studying the best-selling products on Amazon and adding these items to your inventory lineup, you can grow your business and boost your sales.

3. Integrate Your E-Commerce Store With Wayfair

One of the primary selling strategies on Wayfair is integration. Integrating your online store with Wayfair will improve your selling and make you more efficient.


Some e-commerce platforms automatically handle the integration for you using integration tools. However, various apps let you connect your Shopify store with multiple marketplaces, including Wayfair. Check out Shoppingfeed if you want a direct integration between Shopify and Wayfair

4. Offer a Rich Assortment of Products

As a Wayfair merchant, you should offer a wide variety of products. A rich assortment of products helps your customers find what they need — increasing the likelihood of more sales for you.


Consider offering a variety of items in categories, sizes and colors. For instance, if your product is rugs, ensure you have options in neutral and bold colors. It would help if you also had brands available in multiple price points — low-end versus high-end.

5. Use SEO-Friendly Product Descriptions

There are two types of product descriptions — product titles and meta-keywords. Meta-keywords are “title tags” that can provide search engines with more information about the page’s content. The title tag appears in the search results on Wayfair and other sites like Google.


Therefore, you must optimize these for your target audience using keywords.


There are no limitations on how long or short this description can be — as long it provides enough information for the prospective buyer. The goal is to help customers find something perfect without digging through dozens of similar items.


You can also include any brand name in brackets at the beginning of each award, followed by its full name. For example, this would look like “Blackstone Gas Grill” [Blackstone Griddles]. That way, users know where they’re receiving their information, which builds more trust.

Get Started Selling on Wayfair

Wayfair is a great way to sell your products to a large audience. You can do various things to make the most of your Wayfair listings. However, starting with these selling strategies can increase your success rate immensely.

Want to sell on Wayfair?


Eleanor Hecks

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