The Best Way to Connect a Magento 2 Store to Amazon


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Magento 2, the newest version, is used by over 200,000 online stores around the world. Magento 2 was an overhaul designed to make the software more user-friendly and scalable.

One of the best ways to scale is being able to offer your store’s products through multiple channels. Of these, just about everyone wants to connect a Magento 2 store to Amazon, whether selling through Vendor Central or Seller Central. As the world’s largest marketplace, Amazon is the fastest way to exponentially increase sales.

But first you have to sync up the product feeds.




Plenty of inventory management app choices on the market…

If you want to connect your Magento 2 store to Amazon, there are plenty of software and app vendors with plug-ins and extensions that can handle the back-and-forth. The costs and pricing models of these products varies, from one-time charges of $120 to $200. A basic free extension for Amazon can be found in the Magento App store. They’re mostly sold or distributed as standalone software.


….with limited functionality.

These extensions function well enough, to a point. They will do ASIN and price matching on Amazon with your existing products on Magento 2. If the barcodes are the same, the feeds will sync orders and update inventory as sales are tallied. If they include a repricing tool, it manipulates price but it cannot massage other pieces of data on Amazon like titles, descriptions, bullet points, or hidden keywords.

With the other standalone apps, you have to do a lot of the heavy lifting yourself and figure out your own Amazon setup. Once you move the items into your Seller Central, you’ll have to manage the listings’ data in your Amazon Seller account. They only sync inventory and pricing and you’re entering all the rest manually, yourself.




A full-automation choice for connecting a Magento 2 store to Amazon


When you connect a Magento 2 store to Amazon with Shoppingfeed, it does it all. For example, it can also create new, never-sold-before products on Amazon from the Magento store, complete with all required listing tags and attributes. This is the value-add of true feed syndication.

Besides setting up novel product selections, Shoppingfeed’s syndication software syncs up product feeds with all of these useful Amazon features:

• Amazon Repricing

• ASIN Matching & Selection

• Platinum Keywords

• FBA and FBM Support

Merchant-fulfilled Prime

Shoppingfeed is a SaaS (Software as a Service), meaning you also get hands-on customer support for installation, troubleshooting and more.

Shopping Feed can list and sync your product inventory on over 1000 channels in 40 countries around the world. It will also import your orders from connected marketplace channels back into your Magento 2 Order Pane, and process it through your existing fulfillment software.

You still can refund, ship, or fulfill directly from Magento 2. The status will sync back to Amazon, informing the customer at each step in the process.


When you connect a Magento 2 store to Amazon, get a more powerful set of tools for omnichannel e-commerce.


These are things like our exclusive ProductGraph, a next-generation SEO technology perfect for surfacing products in voice-assisted searches. There are also tools like Business Rules & AutoRemove, which let you use If/Then statements to make strategic changes to your product listings. Rules can automatically remove filtered products from your product data feeds, protecting you from overselling or against tiny margins.

Shoppingfeed’s syndication extension can be found in the Magento store. You’ll find complete information on all the features available, along with reviews from current users. Plans begin at $50 per month for up to two channels.

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Julie Stewart

My mission at Shoppingfeed is explaining how to leverage e-commerce platforms and SaaS technology to e-merchants who just want to run their business and make more money.

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