Selling on Etsy With a WooCommerce Store

Julie Stewart • July 29, 2021


Why sell on Etsy with a WooCommerce store?

Selling on Etsy with a WooCommerce store may not make sense if you’re starting as an Etsy-only seller, where they give you your own store on the site for no charge. But if you’re using WooCommerce already or intend to, there are plenty of benefits to using an app extension for selling on Etsy with WooCommerce. You can:

  • control all your orders and sales from WooCommerce, rather than using Etsy’s seller dashboard.
  • sell directly from your WooCommerce store, and build out your brand independently.
  • control and shape all the content, layouts, marketing and merchandising on a WooCommerce store, and link over to it from your Etsy pages for more upsell opportunities.
  • sell on an unlimited number of channels (besides Etsy) using your WooCommerce store as the central brain of the operation.



It’s all about which integration app you choose – the sky’s the limit.

With your WooCommerce seller account, you can get custom integrations for Etsy that provide API connections for uploading your product data to Etsy. However, if you decide later that you want to sell on other channels besides Etsy, it would be better to select a multi-channel solution. That gives you all the functionality of the single Etsy extension for any and all marketplaces or ad channels where you decide to sell your products.


The multi-channel solution for selling on Etsy and other marketplaces with a WooCommerce store

Shoppingfeed has a single solution for selling on multiple channels at once. Etsy is one of the major online marketplaces that we connect with, along with Amazon, Walmart, Google Shopping and eBay.


With the Shoppingfeed plugin, you can:

Bulk-upload your WooCommerce listings on your Etsy Store with a single click.

Set separate inventory rules, pricing plans, shipping options, or listing details in one operation.

Upload your products with attribute tags matching those used on Etsy, with advanced tagging for improved SEO.

Manage your orders from a centralized dashboard. Check and compare sales performance on your various selling channels on our multi-channel dashboard.

Increase your conversion rate by drawing more prospects to your products through the Etsy marketplace.

Keep track of inventory and orders through automatic syncing on your WooCommerce store to avoid overselling.


Go here to see more about Etsy and the experience of selling on the platform.


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