Succeed on marketplaces

How to Choose The Right Marketplace

How to choose the right marketplace? This is a question a lot of e-commerce owners and managers are asking themselves today, as they look for ways to reach new customers. Selling on marketplaces…

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How to Set Up a Facebook Shop

The new Facebook Shop channel for e-commerce businesses is a tremendous opportunity for motivated sellers. Here we will walk you through you how to set up a Facebook Shop.       To…

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The Best Way to Make Your Shopify Store Become a Google Shop

If you’re running your e-commerce business on Shopify and want to sell through multiple channels, the Shopify App Store gives you hundreds of choices. Choose carefully, and your store can become a fully…

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How to Connect a Shopify Store to Amazon

So, you’ve got a Shopify storefront–but PPC advertising will only get you so far when it comes to promoting brand awareness and attracting more shoppers. This is why Shopify store owners frequently turn…

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The Best Way to Connect a Magento 2 Store to Amazon

Magento 2, the newest version, is used by over 200,000 online stores around the world. Magento 2 was an overhaul designed to make the software more user-friendly and scalable. One of the best…

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How to Optimize eBay Product Listings for More Sales

With more than 1.3 million active listings at any given time on eBay, how do you list a product that will stand out above all the rest? Here, we’ll show you how to…

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The Best Marketplaces To Sell Refurbished Products

The market for “gently used” products goes way beyond your local resale shop. Sell them online and you’ll reach a whole world of buyers. Here are some of the best marketplaces to sell…

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How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace

When Facebook Marketplace was first launched in 2016, it was only available as a peer-to-peer shopping marketplace. Many sellers still aren’t aware that Facebook Marketplace expanded in 2019 to include merchant selling. It’s…

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Amazon algorithm at work

5 Myths About the Amazon Algorithm

In working with so many sellers and brands over the years, we find there are still a lot of persistent myths about selling on Amazon in general. Most of those are myths about…

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The ABC’s of Selling on eBay

Whether you are new to selling on eBay, or just want to boost your performance on the platform, we’ve compiled a list of power-boosting tips from our Help Center to give you a…

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