Having This Tech Partner Will Increase Amazon Sales

Baptiste LE METAYER • August 6, 2021


To increase Amazon sales, there is one type of tech solution that can accelerate your revenues quickly and emphatically.

For more than eight years, Shoppingfeed has had a privileged relationship with Amazon’s teams. Our unique flow management solution for listing products is perfectly suited to Amazon, allowing our customers to boost their sales with ease.

Why sell on Amazon with Shoppingfeed?

Choosing to sell on Amazon is of course a matter of strategy, but as the world’s biggest marketplace, it is a must-have marketplace for many merchants. It provides unparalleled visibility with nearly 9 million unique visitors per day!

Merchants who choose Shoppingfeed as their feed manager can quickly and easily sell their products on Amazon since product creation is made much easier. Within a few days, you can be up and running your sales. And not just in North America, but anywhere in the world; product sheets are already translated for Amazon. The Shoppingfeed solution responds to requests for product information updates every 15 minutes through the Amazon API, a rate that’s unique in the market.

Sometimes merchants will try selling directly with Amazon. But the complexity of managing all flows and stocks alone and by hand quickly encourages them to migrate to Shoppingfeed to gain efficiency and productivity.



How to publish your products on Amazon using Shoppingfeed

Shoppingfeed customers who want to get started on the marketplace must open their Amazon account and then complete the onboarding form provided by Shoppingfeed. This process is very quick if they are ready with all the necessary documents.


Product mapping to cover every base.

Before posting the products, we undergo a process of product mapping to carefully categorize their attribute tagging to ensure it’s all optimized for search engines, either Google’s or Amazon’s. Certain information, such as bullet points appearing in product sheets and attributes, can be added directly in Shoppingfeed to enhance product sheets. The overall idea is of course to optimize these files as much as possible to better convert.

Amazon creates & uses something called an ASIN. (ASIN is Amazon’s unique identifier that tracks all possible items that were/are available on their platform. Shoppingfeed can help with both matching to existing ASINs on the Amazon marketplace as well as help create new ASINs (as long the seller can verify the product as distinct).

Shoppingfeed supports you throughout the publication of your products to maximize your chances of converting. We accomplish this through a system of rules based on various criteria: SEO optimization of product titles, filling in bullet points, etc.

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How Shoppingfeed supports you to increase your Amazon sales

Thanks to its privileged relationship with Amazon, Shoppingfeed offers very responsive support on technical issues relating to the connection between Amazon and Shoppingfeed. Amazon sellers are often plagued by Amazon listing errors. As platform experts, we can help you correct errors identified in the publication of your products on our feed management platform. Our service doesn’t end there, however. We also advise you on how to improve your sales.


A service that keeps up with Amazon’s changes

In addition, our flow management platform is constantly evolving with Amazon’s own evolutions to be always closer to your needs. Our privileged relationship with Amazon means that our platform updates with every update from Amazon. Instead of stalling sales from too many errors, our up-to-date platform offers reliability and scalability. For example, our ASIN code matching feature allows you to quickly choose from a list of suggestions the code corresponding to your EAN code.

Finally, our regular contacts with the Amazon team keep us aware of upcoming developments–and anticipate the consequences for our customers. For example, this allowed us to warn our merchants of the upcoming obligation to provide Amazon with tracking information for each order shipped and to adapt our own tool to allow them to do so in our feed manager.

With eight years of partnership with Amazon, the Shoppingfeed team has developed real expertise to help you increase your sales on Amazon, the world’s biggest marketplace.

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