Buy on Google for Sellers: All Now Welcome

Julie Stewart • September 12, 2019


The action in Buy on Google for sellers is about to get a lot hotter. The company’s venture into Amazon territory is premised on a business model built on transaction fees, rather than product listing ads, selling goods that consumers find online through search queries.


Google Shopping Actions for sellers logo

Shoppers will see this symbol.



No longer an exclusive club

At first called Google Shopping Actions, Buy on Google has been in a “post-beta” phase of testing viability and acceptance from shoppers of major national brands and chain stores like Ulta Beauty, Target, and a few others. (You can read more about Buy on Google and how the program has been working here.)

But Google has just announced that Buy on Google for sellers is moving to an open sign-up model. This means that merchants wishing to participate in the program will no longer need to fill out an interest form and meet strict eligibility criteria. Instead, they may opt into the program directly from the Merchant Center and begin configuring their account immediately.

This change is happening now.

In addition to the open sign-up, Google is launching a number of additional automations to simplify onboarding. They’re aiming to make it even easier to onboard new merchants into the Buy on Google program, so they can start selling successfully on Google to everyone’s mutual profit.


Here’s the new signup process for Buy on Google.

If you already have a Merchant Center Account, you can select the program from within the Merchant Center:

If you haven’t yet set up a Merchant Center account, you can begin your onboarding experience directly from the Merchant Center Setup:

The removal of the interest form will streamline signups, but it will also remove certain data it has been using to provide support for merchants. This includes success reports, lead-generation and pipeline management improvements, and determining incentive payments.



If you’re interested in signing up for Buy on Google and you’re already our customer, Shoppingfeed can ensure that nothing slips through any cracks.

In order to ensure that any Shoppingfeed customers opting into Buy on Google for sellers don’t run into any technical difficulties, we’re taking several proactive steps to ensure a smooth process.

  1. We’re ensuring that our Merchant Flagging API is fully implemented for all merchants using Shoppingfeed’s syndication services.
  2. We’ll be working with our Google POC to provide a full list of merchants currently onboarding and launched, to validate that Google’s systems are correctly registering all our users via the AP.I
  3. We’re here for any personal help you may need with the new onboarding flow on Buy on Google.

Find out how to sign up for Google Shopping Actions for sellers.


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