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Three Overlooked Strategies To Outsmart Your Amazon Competition

With more than a hundred thousand Amazon orders moving through Shoppingfeed daily from our channel subscribers, we’ve learned a few things about what makes some more successful than others. Here, we’ll share insights…

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Outsmart Your Competition on Google Shopping

Google Shopping, branded as Buy On Google for the consumer-facing side, is getting more and more merchants signed to the program as the company makes some significant changes. Especially now with the new…

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Five Tips for Optimizing Google Shopping Searches

Google Shopping is already wildly popular with consumers, who now know the “Buy on Google” brand as one of the quickest ways to search for and order a product. Whether you already sell…

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Sign Up to Sell on Google Shopping, Free

As it dives deeper into the world of e-commerce, Google is looking to become even more of an open platform with some major changes it just announced that are good news for merchants….

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How to Connect a Magento 2 Store to Google Shopping

More and more e-merchants are seeing huge opportunities for attracting new customers through Google Shopping. For those who’ve built their online stores on Magento 2, this can mean some extra development costs for…

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How To Avoid Removal From Amazon

Worried about removal from Amazon? That can be a costly event for any seller on the platform. Here’s how to avoid having it happen to you.

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How to Choose The Right Marketplace

How to choose the right marketplace? This is a question a lot of e-commerce owners and managers are asking themselves today, as they look for ways to reach new customers. Selling on marketplaces…

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How to Set Up a Facebook Shop

The new Facebook Shop channel for e-commerce businesses is a tremendous opportunity for motivated sellers. Here we will walk you through you how to set up a Facebook Shop.       To…

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The Best Way to Make Your Shopify Store Become a Google Shop

If you’re running your e-commerce business on Shopify and want to sell through multiple channels, the Shopify App Store gives you hundreds of choices. Choose carefully, and your store can become a fully…

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How to Connect a Shopify Store to Amazon

So, you’ve got a Shopify storefront–but PPC advertising will only get you so far when it comes to promoting brand awareness and attracting more shoppers. This is why Shopify store owners frequently turn…

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