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Leveraging E-Commerce Media: Video, Live Streaming, and AR

Brands that want to stay ahead of the competition are leveraging e-commerce media to increase engagement and conversion rates with shoppers. Here’s a brief review of the e-commerce media options available, and why…

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The Cannibalization of Brick and Mortar by E-Commerce

The Coronavirus Pandemic is changing the face of traditional retail in dramatic ways. Some of those changes to physical stores will be…

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Five Tips for Optimizing Google Shopping Searches

Google Shopping is already wildly popular with consumers, who now know the “Buy on Google” brand as one of the quickest ways…

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How a Friendly Store Return Policy Can Boost Sales

For any e-commerce merchant, store returns are a fact of life. There are things you can do to minimize the number of…

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Selling With Social Commerce

If you market and sell products through social media apps, then you’re already engaged in social commerce. If you don’t but are…

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Sign Up to Sell on Google Shopping, Free

As it dives deeper into the world of e-commerce, Google is looking to become even more of an open platform with some…

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How to Reduce Abandoned Shopping Carts

Today we will talk about some general strategy for a problem that plagues every e-commerce merchant: how to reduce abandoned shopping carts….

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Channel Partner Profile: Etsy

Here you will learn some interesting key facts about the company, and which kinds of e-commerce sellers can benefit most from selling…

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Buy on Google Now Free for Sellers

In late July, Google made an announcement that is bound to give a good shake to the e-commerce world. The company is…

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How to Connect a Magento 2 Store to Google Shopping

More and more e-merchants are seeing huge opportunities for attracting new customers through Google Shopping. For those who’ve built their online stores…

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How Affiliate Marketing Works for Brands

Affiliate marketing – where publishers or niche influencers promote a brand’s products on the web or via social media — is a…

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BigCommerce Integration With Walmart: A Doorway to Millions of Shoppers

Big Commerce, one of our technology partners, has made a big announcement. A new BigCommerce integration with Walmart is now available to…

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