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BigCommerce Integration With Walmart: A Big Step For Merchants

Big Commerce, one of our technology partners, has made a big announcement. A new BigCommerce integration with Walmart is now available to all qualified US merchants. This new direct channel opportunity with one…

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Why Buyers like “Buy on Google” – and How To Lure Them To Your Store

The best way to get an e-commerce sales funnel flowing well on Google Shopping is to understand how this new shopping service…

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Three Overlooked Strategies To Outsmart Your Amazon Competition

With more than a hundred thousand Amazon orders moving through Shoppingfeed daily from our channel subscribers, we’ve learned a few things about…

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Google Shopping Actions: Alternative or Complement for E-Merchants?

We are writing a lot these days about Google Shopping Actions, but that is because it represents the first big footprint in…

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Use Promo Codes to Boost SEO Traffic

Everyone loves a bargain, and a good many are willing to hunt for them. They start their searches for a product to…

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Channel Partner Profile: How to Sell on Back Market

As part of our Channel Partner Profile series, today we’re introducing a channel for a niche market: a used electronics marketplace operating…

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Outsmart Your Competition on Google Shopping

Google Shopping, branded as Buy On Google for the consumer-facing side, is getting more and more merchants signed to the program as…

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Which E-Commerce Analytics Matter Most?

In the age of digital marketing and e-commerce, there are scores of different kinds of analytics available to measure progress and performance….

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The Cannibalization of Brick and Mortar by E-Commerce

The Coronavirus Pandemic is changing the face of traditional retail in dramatic ways. Some of those changes to physical stores will be…

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Five Tips for Optimizing Google Shopping Searches

Google Shopping is already wildly popular with consumers, who now know the “Buy on Google” brand as one of the quickest ways…

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DTC E-Commerce: Best Strategies for Brands in 2021 (Part 2 of 2)

Assuming you’ve done your due diligence and decided that your brand is ready to start a DTC e-commerce channel, what specific strategies…

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Channel Partner Profile: How to Sell on Houzz

Today’s Channel Partner Profile takes a look at how to sell on Houzz, the leading online marketplace for home remodeling, furniture and…

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