E-commerce trends

E-Commerce Beyond Amazon: Alternatives For Sellers

If you’ve been selling on Amazon but aren’t sure it’s a great fit or are wondering what else is out there, you can read here about some Amazon alternatives. As Amazon likes to…

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How Do You Know It’s Time For a PIM System Upgrade?

A Product Information Management (PIM) system) is already a must for most e-commerce sellers. They have seen widening use because, in their most basic form, they’re usually built into whatever CMS sales platform…

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Reverse logistics in action

Reverse Logistics Reduces Costs of E-Commerce Returns

The cost of transporting, accepting, restocking, or disposing of e-commerce returns to third-party sellers has always been a predictable loss factor, but the emerging industry of Reverse Logistics is paving a better path…

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Best Options for Bringing Physical Stores Online

Have you found that you need to bring your physical stores online? You’re not alone. The retail industry is recognizing that COVID-19 has really just accelerated an already-existing trend. In 2017, a report…

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Winning At Google Shopping Actions

As with everything else this Giant of the Internet does, when Google enters the e-commerce space it starts with a huge advantage. Advanced engineering, innovation, and overall market reach are all baked into…

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Google Shopping Actions: Alternative or Complement for E-Merchants?

We are writing a lot these days about Google Shopping Actions, but that is because it represents the first big footprint in the next wave of e-commerce. In its own way, like many…

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Channel Partner Profile: How to Sell on Back Market

As part of our Channel Partner Profile series, today we’re introducing a channel for a niche market: a used electronics marketplace operating on a global scale. Here’s what you’ll want to know if…

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The Cannibalization of Brick and Mortar by E-Commerce

The Coronavirus Pandemic is changing the face of traditional retail in dramatic ways. Some of those changes to physical stores will be temporary, such as in-store mask-wearing and social distancing, once the virus…

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Selling With Social Commerce

If you market and sell products through social media apps, then you’re already engaged in social commerce. If you don’t but are curious about this emerging powerhouse of a channel,  we’ll tell you…

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Channel Partner Profile: Etsy

Here you will learn some interesting key facts about the company, and which kinds of e-commerce sellers can benefit most from selling on Etsy.   “Find things you’ll love. Support independent sellers. Only…

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