The Top Omnichannel Operational Tips for E-Commerce Based Businesses

• November 29, 2022


Consumers today might start their search for a product by reading reviews online, hop over to social media and then go to a website. Every time a customer encounters your brand, they should get the same message and not have to repeat themselves if they’ve already shared information. 

What Is Omnichannel E-Commerce Strategy?

Global Newswire reported last month around 63% of shoppers use their phone while in a store to do research before they buy. Another 36% place an order online while in the brick-and-mortar location. Perhaps the size they want is gone or maybe they seek a better price. Whatever the reason, your strategy should look at every touchpoint and improve it. 

Here are the top ways to improve your e-commerce based business omnichannel operations. 

1. Calibrate With Social Media

People share products they like on social media, click on interesting ads and may visit your business page for updates and coupons. If you don’t sync your site, in-person presence and social media, you risk your message getting watered down. Make sure everything matches. If you host a buy one get one free sale, offer it on social media and your website. Be consistent in your phrasing, colors and offers. 

2. Use the Same Color Palette

Speaking of color… It’s vital to choose a brand color palette and stick with it no matter where your brand name appears. If you run an ad on a local billboard, the same colors should appear as if you initiate an ad campaign on Facebook. 

Perhaps you plan to display your product on an end cap at Walmart. Make sure you check out Walmart’s display case requirements and then match the look as closely to other activities you’re engaged in as possible. 

3. Educate Your Customer Service Staff

Your customer service agents should fully understand policies. If someone contacts your company via live chat, they should get the same answer as when they call a toll-free number or email your customer service reps. 

Give your employees the freedom to make creative decisions that help solve customer complaints. Do you want to be known as the brand who cares across every platform or the brand that cares on just one or two?

4.Build Trust

Studies show 59% of customers would rather purchase from a brand they trust. How can you earn their trust, though? It isn’t easy in a device-driven world where omnichannel experiences are sometimes more frustrating than helpful. 

Start by making sure your reps have all previous conversations at their disposal. It’s beyond frustrating to spend an hour on hold, share your story, get transferred and have to repeat the entire explanation of the problem again.

Instead, keep a record of what the customer said and any actions taken by other agents. Make the info easy to access by other people within the service department so problems can be rectified without frustrating the client further. 

Test the Process

Perhaps you have a fairly decent omnichannel strategy already. You can never perfect the process too much. Walk through the touchpoints as though you’re a customer. Enlist the help of livechat to solve a problem. Drop the chat halfway through and phone in to see how much you have to repeat. Look for ways to improve interactions with potential customers and your omnichannel presence will improve with time. 

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Eleanor Hecks

Eleanor is the editor-in-chief at Designerly Magazine. She’s also a freelance web designer with a focus on customer experience. Eleanor lives in Philadelphia with her husband and dog, Bear.

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