The Common Pain Points Your Ecommerce is Currently Facing

• November 14, 2022


E-commerce has grown rapidly since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people have turned to online shopping to fulfill their needs without leaving their homes. Yet, anytime there is rapid growth, it ultimately means more changes within your industry.

With changes in mind, running an e-commerce business will come with a new set of challenges that you face. Consider the pain points your e-commerce business is currently facing and how you can overcome them with these useful tips.

1. Cybersecurity

Cyberattacks are on the rise, and your e-commerce store is a target to all cyber criminals. Your business depends on every transaction to maintain financial success. Therefore, it can’t afford any downtime in your operations.

Because you depend on that income, you must take the proper cybersecurity measures to keep your data safe. Consider having a response plan to help your business reduce downtime in case of an attack. You can also use data security software to protect against cybersecurity risks and improve your vulnerabilities.

2. Internet Connectivity

Nothing grinds your e-commerce business to a halt when lacking internet access. This can slow down workplace productivity and keep employees from helping you achieve your business goals.

Yet, did you know that everyday items can slow down your network? Some of the most common issues that can impact your internet connection include the following:

  • Mirrors
  • Tinted glass
  • Open Areas
  • Concrete Walls
  • Several connected devices
  • Microwaves
  • Filing cabinets
  • Poor spacing


Luckily, soundproofing materials won’t impact your Wi-Fi signals. Still, it would help if you kept in mind some of the everyday items you have in your office or at home. That way, you can create a better setup and run your business more efficiently.

3. Competition

Competition comes in a variety of forms for e-commerce businesses. Whether it’s competitive pricing or the products you offer — you’re competing for the same customers.

When it comes to competition, the best way to beat it is by distinguishing your business with a clear value proposition. It must be something that customers can’t get anywhere else. This helps you stand out and attract new customers along the way.

4. Visibility

E-commerce businesses can’t gain quality traffic if customers can’t find their sites. Therefore, if your company doesn’t show on the first page of Google’s search results, it’s unlikely for prospective customers to see you.

Investing in SEO (search engine optimization) is the best way to overcome this. You can increase site traffic by conducting keyword research, implementing SEO best practices, producing helpful and authoritative content — and working to build high-authority backlinks to your site.

You can also increase product visibility by selling on global marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart as well niche-specific marketplaces such as Etsy, Houzz, Wayfair, Backmarket and many others. Solutions like Shoppingfeed offer merchants a tool to be able to easily expand on many different selling channels and scale their business accordingly.

5. Increased Consumer Expectations

The pandemic has changed the way consumers shop online. While online shopping has always been convenient, consumers now want faster orders and higher convenience.

If you want to meet consumers’ demands, consider offering various payment options. The standard credit card option is no longer enough. Consumers would rather use digital wallets and “Buy Now Pay Later” services because it offers more flexibility.

Consider investing in social commerce, where consumers can complete their shopping journey within a social media platform. Research suggests that 75% of people aged 21 to 34 would purchase from a brand through a social media app.

Times are changing, which indicates that you should be changing your business, too.

Reduce These Common Pain Points for Your E-Commerce Business

These are just a few challenges you’ve likely encountered in your online business. Yet, you’re likely to face more as technology advances and shifts occur in consumer behavior. Consider paying attention to the industry’s trends to ensure your company keeps up with them.

You’ll also want to pay attention to your customers and understand what features they’d like you to add. Gathering insight is invaluable to your business and allows you to thrive in a world full of market saturation.

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Eleanor Hecks

Eleanor is the editor-in-chief at Designerly Magazine. She’s also a freelance web designer with a focus on customer experience. Eleanor lives in Philadelphia with her husband and dog, Bear.

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