The Best Shopping Comparison Engines for Home Products

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If you want your products to be seen online by price-conscious shoppers, be aware that many of them are using shopping comparison engines to aid them in their search for the best deal. This article will showcase several of the best shopping comparison engines for home products.




About shopping comparison engines


Shopping comparison engines, also known as price comparison sites or shopbots, are more or less vertical search engines. When shoppers search for a product on one of these sites, the search result appears as a comparison chart showing prices for that same product from all participating retailers, along with other terms like availability, shipping policies, and sometimes customer reviews.


Shopping comparison engines for home products work the same as the others.

Shoppingfeed partners with more than a dozen different comparison engines, all of which receive our users’ product feeds. This can be a highly effective marketing channel for sellers of products that aren’t unique or fall into a small niche category.

Some of these sites work better for certain product categories. Here are what we consider to be the best shopping comparison engines for home products.




HomeTiger is a European shopping comparison engine that’s gaining a foothold in the U.S. market, and is one of Shoppingfeed’s channel partners. It specializes as a comparison site primarily for home products. With relatively less competition than the older established sites like BizRate, your products will stand out more in search results here, and you’ll also enjoy the advantage of having your products featured at a place where buyers looking particularly for home products are likely to be doing their comparison shopping.




This engine is one of the oldest comparison engines and features products in every category but there’s a substantial opportunity here for sellers of products for the home. BizRate’s product categories include indoor and outdoor furniture, home decor, window treatments, tableware, and even plumbing supplies. You can also post coupons and deals to make your listings stand out when a shopper is searching for the products you sell.




Shopzilla has more limited home categories than Bizrate, but it’s a good choice if you sell outdoor products for the home such as grills, garden supplies and patio furniture, as well as indoor furniture, bedding, and bath products.




Perhaps due to stay-at-home orders around the country, PriceGrabber has added a category called ‘Indoor Living’ where shoppers can browse and discover everything for the home office, art and crafts supplies to keep the kids entertained, garden organization and storage, and many other home-related categories.

All of the above comparison engines are owned and operated by a single parent company called Connexity, which grew out of the original BizRate platform. It manages all of the channels, and this is where you go for onboarding if you want to sign up.




Kelkoo is also one of Shoppingfeed’s channel partners, and we’ve profiled them before. Based in the U.K. but with a growing U.S. presence, Kelkoo features home products in all categories, from furniture to dishes, and garden supplies to electrical repair kits. Start here to find out about selling through Kelkoo.



Google Shopping

No discussion of shopping comparison engines is complete without mentioning the 800 pound gorilla in the room. Once known as “Froogle,” the Google Shopping comparison engine is a force to be reckoned with. We’ve talked about it many times in this space, and we also have a white paper full of details on how the program works.

Google Shopping is more than just a comparison engine though; it’s an entire shopping ecosystem that includes ordering and checkout. To be included in product comparison results, you must sign up in Google’s Merchant Center. You can make your products discoverable in free listings by opting your existing product feeds into the surfaces across Google program.

Shoppingfeed is a certified Partner in Google’s Shopping platform, as well as in every major online marketplace worldwide.

Get a complete guide to Google Shopping, one of the best new marketplaces for everythiing.

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My mission at Shoppingfeed is explaining how to leverage e-commerce platforms and SaaS technology to e-merchants who just want to run their business and make more money.

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