E-commerce strategy

Five of the Best Retargeting Platforms for E-commerce

The best retargeting platforms for e-commerce all have a common function: to track the user interests and behaviors of previous visitors to your storefront, then serve up ads to those users later as…

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The Importance of Managing E-commerce Inventory In Real Time

  Managing e-commerce inventory in real time is one of the keys to success in running your business. There is a lot of science to it, but with good data management tools and…

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Google Local Inventory Ad Strategies For Social Distancing

If you have a brick-and-mortar business you may wonder about the usefulness of Google Local Inventory Ads (LIA’s), for social distancing purposes. With everything retailers have had to cope with just to try…

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When Are Barcodes Needed, And Where To Find Them

We’re all familiar with UPC and barcodes that appear on the packaging of items you purchase in physical stores. But the numbers encoded in barcodes hold tremendous value in the online space too….

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Best Ways to Talk to Customers About Safety and Reliability

Like every other industry, E-commerce is feeling the effects of the Coronavirus emergency. You may be wondering, what are the best ways to talk to customers about Coronavirus safety and reliability issues. Demand…

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How Google Local Inventory Ads Are Performing for Retailers

Google Local Inventory Ads are becoming the perfect solution for omnichannel retailers. In today’s world, many in-store purchases begin online, and more and more frequently they’re made from mobile devices while shoppers are…

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How to Optimize Product Titles for E-Commerce

In our last post, we talked about the importance of being precise with category matching. Today, the subject is how to optimize product titles.   ” What’s in a name? A rose by…

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Why Category Matching for Products Is So Important

On marketplace sites like eBay, Amazon and Google Shopping, it is essential that category matching for products be done correctly. Categories help buyers find your products for purchase from among the hundreds of…

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Do You Need To Offer Free Shipping to Win More Sales?

It is obvious on its face that consumers strongly prefer to buy products online if the vendor offers free shipping. The usual way that e-merchants opt to offer free shipping without cutting into…

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How to Optimize Product Listings for Voice Search

Before we get into tips on how to optimize product listings for voice search, let’s take a quick look at why it’s essential to do it starting now. By 2019, it was estimated…

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