E-commerce strategy

Why Buyers like “Buy on Google” – and How To Lure Them To Your Store

The best way to get an e-commerce sales funnel flowing well on Google Shopping is to understand how this new shopping service works from the consumer’s side. This means experiencing the other side…

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Use Promo Codes to Boost SEO Traffic

Everyone loves a bargain, and a good many are willing to hunt for them. They start their searches for a product to see if they can find it first at a discounted price….

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Which E-Commerce Analytics Matter Most?

In the age of digital marketing and e-commerce, there are scores of different kinds of analytics available to measure progress and performance. For pure data nerds, they are an endless source of fascination…

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How a Friendly Store Return Policy Can Boost Sales

For any e-commerce merchant, store returns are a fact of life. There are things you can do to minimize the number of returns, but you can also leverage them as a way to…

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How to Reduce Abandoned Shopping Carts

Today we will talk about some general strategy for a problem that plagues every e-commerce merchant: how to reduce abandoned shopping carts.  

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Use Customer Metrics to Boost E-Commerce Profits

In e-commerce, the most important business insights can come from analyzing the customer metrics that measure a business’ performance. If you take the time to collect, organize, and study this data, you can…

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The Best Comparison Shopping Sites For Fashion

Selling fashions online? A comparison shopping site will expose your brand to thousands of new customers who are ready right now to click “Buy.” Despite a recent downturn during the Covid-19 pandemic, online…

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Growing Your E-Commerce Business? You’ll Need a PIM.

Growing Your E-Commerce Business? You’ll Need A PIM.   Product Information Management software, or PIM systems, are becoming a critical piece of the technology stack for any e-commerce operation. Here’s why you need…

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The Best E-Commerce Channels for Luxury Brands

If you sell luxury items like clothing, shoes or accessories, home furnishings or anything with a Designer label, here are the best e-commerce channels for luxury brands.     ReeBonz Reebonz sells pre-owned…

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The Best Shopping Comparison Engines for Home Products

If you want your products to be seen online by price-conscious shoppers, be aware that many of them are using shopping comparison engines to aid them in their search for the best deal….

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