E-commerce strategy

How Affiliate Marketing Works for Brands

Affiliate marketing – where publishers or niche influencers promote a brand’s products on the web or via social media — is a popular strategy for sellers of consumer products of many kinds. Find…

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DTC E-Commerce: Best Strategies for Brands in 2021 (Part 2 of 2)

Assuming you’ve done your due diligence and decided that your brand is ready to start a DTC e-commerce channel, what specific strategies should you deploy to ensure that it’s a success? Here, we…

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DTC e-commerce manager

Is DTC E-Commerce Right For Your Brand?

For a lot of established consumer brands whose main sales channels have relied on wholesale distributors and brick-and-mortar retailers, the lure of selling through DTC e-commerce has been amplified by shifting business trends…

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The Most Popular Products for Dropshipping in 2021 – And Why

Dropshipping in 2021 can spell success if you know the changing landscape, choose the right products to sell, and avoid common mistakes. Here’s a guide to all of that.

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Product Visualization Tools For Boosting E-Commerce

It’s not just for movies or gaming anymore. For many kinds of products ranging from machine tools to greeting cards, visualization tools for e-commerce can have a powerful influence on shoppers’ buying decisions….

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What is Multichannel Marketing for E-Commerce?

What Is Multichannel Marketing for E-Commerce? Multichannel marketing refers to the use of three or more different marketing channels to engage prospects and customers across various mediums, networks, and devices. While multi-channel marketing…

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The Best Shopping Engines for Selling Children’s Products

Are you selling children’s products and looking for ways to find and attract new customers? Many e-tailers selling children’s products use a mix of marketing channels to reach new customers and increase sales….

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e-commerce platform growing too big

When Is It Time to Upgrade Your E-Commerce Platform?

Growing pains can be, well, a pain. Especially when it comes to your e-commerce platform. As your business grows more complex, with higher order volumes, different shipping, inventory and fulfillment partners, and additional…

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e-commerce email automation symbols

E-Commerce Email Automation: No Longer Optional

Even for small entrepreneurs, e-commerce email automation is now a must-have for your sales and marketing tech stack. At least, that is, if growing your business is your main objective. And it’s not…

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7 Ways to Prepare for Selling on Black Friday – Cyber Monday

As this year’s holiday shopping season will undoubtedly take place mostly online, it’s more important than ever to  prepare for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the entire gift shopping season. No more midnight…

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