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Launch of A.I.Lice – Artificial Intelligence and Marketplaces

Baptiste LE METAYER • December 18, 2023


In October 2023, Shoppingfeed engineers are launching A.I.Lice, a dedicated machine learning model for Marketplaces.


A.I.Lice consists of two phases:

First phase: A.I. for automatic categorization between your catalog and Shoppingfeed channels.

Second phase: A.I. for automatic attributes.



So, today, Phase 1 is launched for all Shoppingfeed clients, and this includes all available languages (English, French, Spanish, and Italian).


“With a success rate of 93%, Shoppingfeed clients will gain real productivity when adding new channels.”  

Mathieu Etlicher, Head of Data, Shoppingfeed


The excellent score of 93%, which could be considered even higher when one takes into account that some of A.I.Lice’s category choices were more accurate than those made by the clients. This score will also continue to improve as A.I.Lice undergoes self-learning every month.


“With A.I.Lice, we hope to achieve an average productivity increase of 80% for eCommerce teams and our partner web marketing agencies.”

Olivier LevyCEO de Shoppingfeed



What is the pricing for accessing A.I.Lice?

At the average rate of €11,000 per year, depending on usage volume (number of products and number of channels), this new feature is provided for free and without limitations to our current clients, as well as to all new sign-ups before December 31, 2023.


Our engineers are now beginning work on Phase 2, which involves attribute automation. We hope to launch Phase 2 in March 2024.


With A.I.Lice, Shoppingfeed adds another dimension to its offerings: after Premium Customer Service and the intuitive interface, artificial intelligence with A.I.Lice will leave a significant mark on the feed industry.


Thank you all, happy sales with Shoppingfeed, and welcome A.I.Lice.


The Shoppingfeed Technical Team



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